Ordering Info

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Using the Photo List

The Photo List is your personal collection of photos, containing up to 25 photos. Photos can be added to or removed from your Photo List clicking button below each thumbnail or below the description on the photo previews. The message on the button indicates whether or not the particular photo is represented in your Photo List.

If you'd like information on ordering the photos, click the Send Photo List to Stan link, and add in your contact information in the proper fields.

If you'd like information on prints or posters of the photos in your Photo List, include the size of the print or poster along with your contact information.



Pricing is based upon the following:

  • How the photo will be used
  • Distribution area
  • Size that the photo will be displayed
  • How many times will the photo be reproduced
  • Start and end date for the rights


For pricing information on prints and posters, visit the Prints & Posters page.



The purchaser of a license is normally granted ONE TIME NON-EXCLUSIVE USE rights. This means that if the photo appears in a magazine, the photo may not be reproduced again, either electronically or traditionally.

Additional rights also can be purchased. The purchaser may be held liable for unlicensed use.